Third competition match

June 16th was the day, the all-determining third competition match started. In the morning the die hards were all eager and hungry for PRs at the start. With the new competition tent as a real home base, full throttle could be given without worrying about an unexpected rain shower. Marielle started off with the beautiful hammer-throwing event. She swung the hammer to a beautiful distance of 33m31, more than 3m further than her old PR. Marloes later competed in hammer-throw and she also went over the beautiful 30m barrier with a distance of 30m27. Meanwhile Olivier was in the high jump. After a long time of little to no training, he managed to get over the 1m85! Jonas also ran a good 110mH race. In a time of 16s15 he sharpened another PR this season! Marloes and Marielle were also into shotput, and Marloes hit a distance of 9m51 in a very constant series. Marielle bumped a nice distance of 9m02 after a long time without touching a shot. Maaike was allowed to venture at the 100mH, with a time of 17s73 it was a very good solid time, without specific training. Celia and Joana were allowed to venture over the high jump bar. Celia came to a height of 1m35 and Joana to a whopping 1m55.

The 800m for the men also started. Maarten came to a very good time of 2:03.97, Thomas to a time of 2:01.58. Olivier was allowed to continue with the pole vault after the high jump. He came to a height of four meters! Good performances were also achieved at the shortest sprint distance (100 m). Joana was just unable to tighten her PR, but she ran for 12.84. Judith managed to run more than half a second faster than her best season and finished in 13.33. The men were also in good shape. Gijs clocked a time of 12.37 and Jelle arrived at a new PR of 11.73. After the 100m the 400m was on the program. Maaike was the only one for the women, but a decent time of 1:03.68. For the men the distance was on the program of Erik and Thomas. Thomas ran an hour and a half after his 800m a neat time of 52.09 and Erik ran a big PR of 51.12! The women’s long jump went very well too, with a distance of 4m53 for Celia and 4m84 for Joana. During the long jump it was up to Tessa and Luca to showcase their talents at the 1500m. Luca ran a very nice time of 5:17.11 and Tessa no less than 5:13.23. A big PR for both! Martijn ventured back to multi-camp grounds with the bullet and disc parts. He pushed a distance of 9m60 and threw a surprising 28m69. However, Hille picked up the points with a throw of 31.81 on the discus throw.

At the 5000m Roel was on the right track and ran a crazy time of 15;35.07, and his race also resulted in a very nice photo series. After the 5000m it was the turn of the 200m runners and runners. Anouk came with a slightly shaky start to a time of 29s88 and Judith to 27.89. Jelle and Jonas took the 200m for the men. Jelle achieved a hefty PR of 23s88 and Jonas again ran a very fast time of 22s26. Olivier was also able to set a good distance of 12m47 in the triple jump. Merle ventured into the 3000SC. After leaving all the obstacles behind, she crossed the finish line with a smile of pleasure or bitterness (still not sure) in a time of 14; 34.29. The 4x400m started as a final part. The women ran a very good race and ran 4, 16.33. The men also came to a good time of 3; 32.11. A ranking is made of all points that have been won over the three competition matches and which teams are relegated or promoted. This year both teams (men and women) have to stay in the second division. The men still had a lot of points to catch up after the first game, but ended up in a nice national 26th place. The women are very constant in their performance and have eventually become 15th. After the competition, the annual braai was enjoyed, a delicious BBQ where many Tartletes were present, whether they competed or not.