All trainings cancelled!

Dear Tartlétes,

Something regularly changes in the measures regarding the Corona virus, in order to keep you informed as well as possible, we will provide you with all necessary information as soon as possible. In all decisions that we, and our committees, have made and will make, we keep to the advice and measures of RIVM, the national government, Wageningen University & Research, Sportcentrum de Bongerd and the Athletics Union. Because the situation continues to change, this email is only a picture of the current situation (based on information known on the evening of Thursday April 2), this may change in the future. Should things change, we will notify you as quickly as possible.

Training: All trainings until June 1 have been cancelled, this includes the track training on Monday and Wednesday, the hurdle training on Tuesday, the long run group on Tuesday, the strength training on Thursday and the fartlek training on Saturday. It is currently impossible to say whether the trainings can take place again from June 1, we will inform you as soon as we know.

NSK (Dutch Student Championship) Ekiden: The NSK Ekiden that would have taken place in Zwolle last Sunday but has not taken place as you all know, this event has been added to show the complete list.

NSK Meerkamp: The NSK Meerkamp would take place in Eindhoven on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 May. The Athletics Union stated in a statement on March 24 that all track competitions of this season will not take place. This would mean that the NSK Meerkamp will not continue. The organisation has officially verified that the NSK Meerkamp will not be held. The statement of the Athletics Union can be found here:

NSK Baan: The NSK Baan is rescheduled to September 19th and 20st.

NSK Teams: The NSK Teams will take place on Saturday September 5 in Enschede. The Athletics Union amended their statement last week, meaning that the NSK Teams will continue for the time being.

NKs (Dutch Championships): All NKs up to and including 5 July have been cancelled by the Athletics Union. This is reflected in the same statement of the Athletics Union that NSK Meerkamp refers to. The Athletics Union is looking if these championships can take place in the autumn, after the season, in an adapted form.

Competition: The 2020 competition has been cancelled in the entirety by the Athletics Union, this is again reflected in the same statement.

Track meetings: The amendment of the Athletics Union statement also has an influence on this. The first track meeting scheduled for Friday, May 8, is cancelled. The other three track meetings on Friday June 19, Friday July 17 and Friday September 18 will continue for the time being.

TACo weekend: As previously communicated to you, the TACo weekend of April 3, 4 & 5 will also not take place. No alternative date is planned for this.

Batavierenrace: In accordance with the ban on events until June 1, the Batavierenrace Organization Commission had to decide to cancel the Batavierenrace of Friday May 1 and Saturday May 2.

Sportscentre de Bongerd: Sportscentre de Bongerd will be closed until at least April 28. Since all gatherings until June are forbidden we expect that the Bongerd will also be closed until June. The athletics track is also part of Sportscentre de Bongerd and although there are no fences around the track, it is currently forbidden terrain. When it is known when the sports centre will open again, we will communicate this to you.

Campus Run: The Campus Run, which was originally scheduled to take place on Wednesday 1 April and was moved to Wednesday 3 June, will unfortunately be cancelled. WUR has banned all events on the Campus until 1 August, making it impossible to organize the Campus Run. The committee will inform participants about this as soon as possible and see what happens to the registrations.

We hope you will understand these decisions and take care of yourself!

Kind regards,

46th board of W.A.V. Tartlétos ‘Minimaal tot de max’