3th competition match in Nijmegen

Last Sunday we went Nijmegen where the third and (unfortunately) last competition would take place. Will the teams manage to rise in the rankings?

The day started with hammerthrow for the women. Celine Huiskamp swung the hammer to 15.79. After this discipline hurdles began with Jonas Pannevis and Laurelynn Cornfield. Laurelynn ran, while she had a lot of headwind, a PB of 18.96. Linda van der Lagemaat and Olivier Klijn started with their first disciplines. Both have a full program, but they do not complain. Linda earns a lot of points with shotput 11,23, longjump 5,13 and highjump 1.50. Olivier follows the example and earns point with 1.90 with highjump, 4.10 with polevault and 13.04 with triplejump. Meanwhile, the running continues. Tessa Kramer came for a PB in the 100m, unfortunately the headwind was to strong, but wiith 14.20 she still ran a good time. Joana Vitorino earned the points at this distance with 13.02. In the 800, Koen used the group as a windshield and with succes 1: 55.31 was the time on the clock and many points for the team. Maarten was unfortunately the windshield himself, but still ran as 2: 08,67. Jelger was able to do shotput again and successfully threw away all frustration of the 100m to 10.40m. Jonas always runs a strong 400, but last Sunday he even ran 49.70, a new PB and a new time to break. Maaike de Kreek ran the 400 for the women and with 64,20 she did really good. 400 times 3.75 is 1500 and that is exactly the distance that Laura Schumacher and Tessa Rozemuller ran. They ran the 3.75 rounds easily in 5: 21,35 and 5: 34,85. Freek Zuiderhoek gained experience since the previous competition. The discus flew over 30 meters. The year old Wouter Lokhorst came to Nijmegen to improve his PR on discus. Unfortunately this just did not work but with 18,01 he still played a good game. Thaem Mous and Roel Kox ran the 5000. Roel ran a  PB of 16: 29,19 and finished just (3 seconds) for Thaem. Gijs Konings has just returned from abroad but is already joining the competition He ran the 200 in 24.73 and earned points for the team. Dorien Konig ran the 200 as warming up for the relay, 28,39s sounds like a successful warming up. Joanne Siccama ran the 3000 steeple in the burning sun. She ran 13.50.47 and ended in a nice 4th place. The match day ended with the 4*400. The women Dorien, Maaike, Francesca and Elke won the first heat in a club record of 4.14,13. The men Jelger, Koen, Maarten and Gijs ran a neat race and finished in 3:39.07. This marked the end of the competition day, but certainly not the end of the fun. After the group photo on the polevault everyone left for the braai. Here everybody could enjoy their food and each others company.
Eventually the women became 16th with 21217 points and the men 24th with 22136 points This is a great achievement, but next year we are going to improve this! Many thanks to the volunteers Julien van Dijk and Jelle ten Harkel who stood in the burning sun for us. Of course also thanks to Nikki Bergmans who helped the first two competitions.