1st Winter Forest Run

Just after two ‘o clock the sound of the startfire of the winterforest run sounded in the forest. The 1st in 3 races organised together with Pallas 67. The race focusses on the time and is not so much about winning or losing, the participants can choose between 1 till 4 rounds of 2,5 K. A good layer of mud was prepared by the precipitation in the morning. While the last swift snowflake was falling and a clear sky and a bright sunshine, it were perfect conditions for a forestrun. Almost 70 participants were joining and one of them was the tartlethe Joep Kluwen. Besides his “training” he managed to create a large gap between him and the other participants after 4 laps and finished in 37:57 with a smile on his face. When the raced was finished, it was the time to laugh for the volunteers while finishing the leftovers.