First competition match in Nijmegen

Last Sunday the summer competition started. Even without really high temperatures and moderate sunshine. The way there was already quite a challenge. A car had troubles with poles that got their own will and stood crossed on the roof. Once arrived, the first parts started quite quickly. Jonas led the dance with 10 very nice-looking hurdle passages. He did this while Linda did shotput and reached distances that Thomas could not even hit with a 2 kilo. Maaike was also busy in the first part of the program, with hurdles and an 800m that almost followed each other. Merle also participated in the 800m and set a good first season time of 2:54.86. Then it was Hille’s turn. He threw the hammer to 37.16m. Roel and Maarten came into action on the 800m for men. Roel rushed to a new personal record of under 2 minutes. Jelle raced on the shortest distance of the day with strong headwinds to 12.27. The part that followed was the always heavy and very tiring 400m. Jonas (50.62), Wouter (1:01.35), Francesca (1:07.18) and Dorien (1:04.37), defied this exhaustion with a very high bravery. The triple jump was almost as usual for Dutch student champion Joana, but also a good distance of 9.99m for Celia. In discus throwing it also went well for Marloes (23.32) and Mariëlle (32.02). At the 5000m level, things didn’t go as planned for Guus, but still a good time of 17:47.95. Joran also came close to his time he had run on the Campus Run with 18:11.42. At the 200m Erik ran a very good time of 23.96, a good time, given the strong headwind on the last part. Anne-Juul took action on the longest part for the women. The 3km is a bit shorter than the marathon and marathon attempt of the past few weeks, but she ran to a time of 12: 46.95. The Swedish relay were the last to be on the program. The women started quickly with Dorien her second 400m in the day. The men were less lucky with a disqualification. Afterwards we all eat pizza together. All in all it was a super fun day. Next time we go for even better performances!