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NSCH Track 2017

This year there was again a large group of Tartlets present at the NSCH Track, which was organized by Kronos, in Enschede. The sun did not always show, but still it was a very hot day. The first tartleets that came into action at the game were Judith Kas and Elise Pelgrim, at shot-put. Unfortunately, their shot distances were not enough to end high in the rankings. Continue reading

NSK Ekiden 2017

On Saturday 13th May, NSK Ekiden took place, in the southern city of Eindhoven. Asterix had made a course on the campus of 2.5 kilometers. How many laps there needed to be run depended on the distance in the ekiden. Tartlétos appeared with two teams at the start, one mixed team that included both women and men and a complete men team with some help from the gentlemen of Rotterdam.  Continue reading

A sunny first competition day

After the Batavierenrace on Saturday, the first season’s competition game took place on Sunday. Because the men’s team promoted to the second division last September, the men had to go to Ede while the ladies went to the track in Arnhem. The sun shone almost the whole day, even though a small cloud appeared sometimes. The heavy wind caused the temperature to be experienced as fresh at some moments, but tartleets in action are almost always hot. Continue reading

Nominations Thymos sports gala

Next week Tuesday, April 18, during the sports gala of Thymos Tartlétos has the opportunity to win three times in the sports election. Joep Kluwen is nominated in the category sportsman of the year for his many NSK’s medals from last year. Dinie Jansen is nominated in the category coach of the year, because of her excellent trainings over all of the years. Finally, the men’s team is nominated for the way they promoted last September to the second division in the national league. You can help them to win the sports election! Come to the Sports Gala, enjoy the evening and do not forget to vote for these champions.

Campus Run 2017

Foto: © Elke Molenaar

Wednesday March 29 it was finally time for one of the most important races for runners of Tartlétos, the Campus Run! It is the race that may lead to selection for the team that will represent Wageningen University in the 45th Batavierenrace. This year a committee was established, which was three women and one man strong, and would take care of the race. Continue reading

Disco bowling

As a athletics association many of our tartleetjes fight fanatic to the first place at different running- or trackcompetitions. However, it appears that the competitiveness goes beyond just athletics, since many have fought earlier this year to be the cake bake or mini golf champion. On March 2nd, there was a new competition where the members could show their talents, namely a real disco bowling championship organised by the CoheCie. Continue reading